Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Not a Dress" dress....might name her "Sally!"

An idea that has been brewing for awhile...and it turned out pretty cute!
I think I made it before Christmas and have been looking at it ever since trying to decide if I like it or not! It needs a bit more tweaking but I think it's a keeper!!!! ;-)
It has detachable straps which add a little bit of fun to it and also has two ties in the back.
I think there will be more to come of this one!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Baby Carrier For Peighton!

For Valentine's Day I made Peighton a carrier for her baby!
I think it needs a fabric tie instead of the ribbon but it's still pretty cute!
She just loves her babies and can now carry them around in style!

An Easter set!

Peighton is going to be super cute in this set for Easter this year! I still need to do pants to match but haven't decided on which fabric to use yet.
I just adore that basket! I can't wait to see her egg hunting with it! ;-)

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