Friday, May 21, 2010

Funky playdoh recipes

The rainy days lately have brought out the teacher in me....and we've been doing projects and making stuff!

Some fun playdoh recipes we have tried this week:


1 1/2 cups glue (the white stuff)

4 T Borax (found with laundry detergent in a box, fairly cheap too!)

4 Cups water

Mix 2 c water and glue.

In a separate bowl mix 2 C water and borax.

Stir until it dissolves.

Pour Borax mixture a little at a time into the glue mixture.


1/4 cup liquid starch (found it at the Walmart after looking everywhere else! It's in a blue jug with laundry type stuff.)

1/2 cup glue (white stuff)

1/4 t. food coloring

Mix together.

Let it sit for 5 Min.

Knead by hand until starch is absorbed.

These are really quite fun. So much better than boughten play doh too!!!!

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