Monday, August 25, 2008

More pictures just because I love these outfits!!!

A few more pictures just because!

Knot Dresses and Apron dresses galore!

Check out these gorgeous knot dresses and apron peasant dresses! I think they might be at the top of my favorites list!
The knot dresses are made from some really fun Anna Maria Horner fabrics with brown knit pants that flare at the bottom. And the apron dresses are a combination of Joel Dewberry and a bit of Anna Maria Horner again.
And look how lovely the pants go with that too!
Oh my! I am so in love with these outfits! I think I'll be making one for Peighton very soon!!!!!!
Photos are courtesy of Twinklestar Photography. Check her out! She does some amazing work!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swing bag

Need a great bag for this fall? This is IT!
Very spacious inside and oh-so-eye catching with that bow!
And guess what! The bow is detachable so you could wear it as a belt or tie around your head as a headband! Effortless posh-ness!

Boy Stuff!!!!

Finally at the Posh Petunia we have cute boy stuff! Many have I finally delivered.
And look at my cute model.....who also happens to be Peighton's little friend across the street!
Photos courtesy of the wonderful Chan Photography.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Peighton's Fall Collection

One of the perks of being the Posh Petunia's daughter is being privvy to the best and cutest fabrics! So, Peighton got some new outfits this weekend! I am just in love with these elephants and the coordinating stripes! Aren't they great!
And I have had these green flowers from Sandi Henderson for awhile now and couldn't decide what to make them into for Peighton! Well, they just happen to go with the stripe pants perfectly!!!!!
She wore the elephant outfit to the opening of the Colts stadium and out to dinner Sunday night and we got so many compliments from all you Indy mommies! I was even forced to give out a few cards! Love that.
Sadly, I did not get any pictures of her wearing them! We will be wearing it again soon, I am sure, and will make a point to take some pictures. It is cute laying on my carpet....but it's even cuter on her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Adorable is the only word to describe these latest sets!
Sorry for the bad lighting-I was taking these this morning before Peighton got up....and before the sun too it looks like!!!!!

The first are a set of two Love me Knot Dresses with knit pants for some new friends of the Posh Petunia in Ohio. The Anna Maria Horner fabric is just fabulous and is going to be a great look for this fall. Can't wait to see some pictures of these girls wearing them!
The apron dresses are also for these lucky girls! I love the mix of teals and browns and greens-another great addition to thier fall wardrobe! Stay tuned for more pictures in these outfits!

And the last picture is a really fun ADULT skirt from the Posh Petunia! It features a knit waistband and a very forgiving a-line style! Who wouldn't want one of these!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some customs I finished today!

Finished a bunch of really super cute custom orders today!
A set for two sisters and their doll of coordinating pillowcase dresses from my trunk show, a Jasmine dress from a customer on etsy, and an adorable but HUGE bag from my trunk show!
And a few of Peighton snuck thier way in too as she is modeling some cute Posh Petunia!
Whew! I've been busy!
Take a peek!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some of my new favorites! The first is a new dress I have been working on that I think is going to look so cute this fall with some funky boots.
And the second is Peighton mastering the art of multitasking! Baby carrier in one hand and the Posh Petunia diaper bag in the other!

Another great photo of an adorable little customer of mine!
I loved this photo (and model!) so much that I named this dress after her! It is now called the "Jasmine" on my site at
Isn't she great!

Welcome to the Posh Petunia!

The Posh Petunia was born out of my love for creating adorable clothing for our daughter and wanting to share them with others.

I used to be a Special Education teacher but am now staying at home with our daughter, Peighton, and loving it! In my spare time I've been designing and creating bags, clothing for children and adults (hopefully more adult things soon!) baby blankies, and just about anything else that strikes my fancy!

Sometimes I see super cute stuff in a store (and can't justify spending the money on it !) and think "Hmmm....wonder if I can do that???" I always love a good challenge!

The Posh Petunia has been growing quite rapidly lately and needs a place to show off all the fun stuff I've been doing!
Here are some of my favorite photos so far. The models are some good friends of the Posh Petunia and the photos are courtesy of Chan Photography.
Check out my etsy site at if you would like to see more!

Welcome to the Posh Petunia!

The Posh Petunia is rapidly expanding!
Come and see some of the fun I've been up to!
My site is if you would like to see more!